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Center for Transformation

578 Chesapeake Dr., White Stone, VA, 22578

A Spiritual place of Culture, Authenticity, Health, Devotion, & Enjoyment.

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Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Rishi Yoga
& Wellness

Offering Traditional Yoga & Healing Services
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Hari Om Tat Sat! Rishi Yoga & Wellness was founded in 2020 by Husband and Wife duo: Virginia local Emily Dawson-Chawla, and Indian Yogi Ashlay Chawla. After spending years together in Ashlay's hometown, the world capital of Yoga: Rishikesh, India, the couple has returned to Virginia to fulfill their Karmic duties, bringing Traditional Authentic Yogic Practices into your homes & communities. "We do our best to deliver Divine Healing & Spiritual Transformation in the most Inclusive & Accessible way possible. Let us guide you to your inner Rishi. Om Shanti Shanti Shanthi." - Emily & Ashlay Chawla

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Why Choose Rishi Yoga & Wellness?

The Universe brought you right here, right Now...


Born & Raised in the Heart of Yoga


Traditional Yoga based in ancient scriptures, texts, & yogic science. Rishi Yoga & Wellness teaches yoga from the source; keeping healing & spiritual transformation simple, effective, enjoyable, & as intended. Leave every session with enhanced yogic knowledge and experience. Om Namaha Shivaya.


What You Need, When You Need It


Sessions curated to you, your family, and/or your groups needs & schedule. Our instructors guide practitioners in the lessons of yoga & teach how to embody those lessons. The result? The power and clarity to make choices that create the changes you want and need in your unique circumstances of life.


Yoga for Everyone


Wellness is not a privilege. Our use of easily adaptable Traditional methods and discounted options keep Yoga accessible to people of all backgrounds & abilities. Proudly serving the youth, elderly, those living with disease & disability, BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ members, immigrants, & veterans.

Not convinced? Read what people all over the world are saying about Rishi Yoga & Wellness.

“Rishi Yoga & Wellness is a place to build trust in yourself. We will show you that it is possible to master your mind and make it calm. 

This is a practice of happiness. ”

Ashlay Chawla, co-founder

Rishi Yoga & Wellness


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