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Reiki Healing & Vedic Prayer

Join our group for bi-weekly Distance Reiki Healing treatments & intentional Vedic Prayer.

  • 30 minutes
  • Anywhere

Service Description

Hari Om. Have you experienced Reiki Healing from our Reiki Masters? Then you know the powerful effects of this intentional energy exchange. Reiki Healing can bring balance, alignment, & harmony to ones energy system while alleviating pain stemming from physical, mental, &/or emotional sources. Reiki Healing stays with the recipient, works over time, & is most beneficial when received regularly. Therefore we are setting up this group for those who wish to benefit from Reiki Healing but may not be able to come to the studio, set aside time for one-on-one zoom sessions, commit financially to private treatments, &/or would like to enhance their in-person treatments. In addition to Reiki Healing we are offering intentional Vedic Prayer for each member along with a monthly donation to the Hindu Center of Virginia in your name. Such prayer intends to bring protection from others bad intentions & evil eyes, Divine blessings in your actions towards your goals, & Graceful momentum along your spiritual process. The monthly donation to Temple is essential in the energy exchange of prayer & blessing. How it works: When you subscribe to this service & become a monthly subscription holder you will book a 30 minute welcome consultation phone call where we will discuss your intentions, current circumstances, goals, & answer any of your questions. Following your consultation, you will be added to a Whatsapp chat group of all subscription members. This chat is where we will share recordings, photos, & guiding tips. Every second Wednesday at 9pm EST we will perform Reiki Treatment & Prayer for all group members. You do not need to do anything. However we will update in the group chat when treatments are happening & provide guidelines of things you can do to make your treatments more intentional. Expect to be informed prior to treatments, after treatments, & during our Temple visit to make your donations. Also expect to be given recommendations for additional practices (breathing exercises, mantras, acts of service, prayers, donations) that will be beneficial to you. With your subscription we are offering 2 more benefits: 1. Additional support. Call/text/email/in-person discussions for Q&A, feedback, & updates. We will respond on a weekly basis (at a minimum) with relevant answers to your questions & personalized recommendations. 2. -15% on additional Reiki Treatments Om Shanthi Om.

Cancellation Policy

Payments are non-refundable. Cancel at any time, cancelation will take effect on the next billing cycle.

Contact Details


578 Chesapeake Drive, White Stone, VA, USA

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