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Specialized Group Class

For Specific Body Areas & Systems

  • 1 hour
  • 25 US dollars
  • Rishi Yoga & Wellness, Center for Transformation

Service Description

These specialized classes each have a particular purpose. They are thoughtfully planned out to give you a well-rounded practice with the consistency to see real results. Weekly classes include: back opening, hip & thigh opening, shoulder opening, forward folding & twisting, core strength & arm balancing, inversions, warrior series & balancing, nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems, and sivananda style. Please refer to our schedule PDF for class designations. Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of the Specialized Classes. Props are available, please bring your own mat. ❖ Back opening: Strong, healthy spine = strong, healthy Life ❖ Hip & thigh opening: Safely improve flexibility & build strength ❖ Shoulder opening: Increase flexibility & prevent injuries ❖ Forward folding & twisting: Recover from back opening and/or improve forward flexion & target your obliques ❖ Core strength & arm balancing: Build strength & focus ❖ Inversions: Safely, systematically work towards & improve your Head/Handstands ❖ Warrior series & balancing: Take time curating focus & balance ❖ Nervous, respiratory, & digestive systems: Give time to the bodies vital systems ❖ Sivananda: Well-rounded, high intensity, advance practice including shoulder stand practice.