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Mon, Jan 02


Healing Center

6-Month Yogic Science Satsang & Sadhana for Teachers (365 hrs)

Embrace Yogic Culture.

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6-Month Yogic Science Satsang & Sadhana for Teachers (365 hrs)
6-Month Yogic Science Satsang & Sadhana for Teachers (365 hrs)

Time & Location

Jan 02, 2023, 4:00 AM – 7:00 AM

Healing Center, 15170 Northumberland Hwy, Burgess, VA 22432, USA

About the event

NEW Updates: Virtual Option Now Available & Scholarship Fund Active (Donate or Apply)!

6-Month Yogic Science Satsang & Sadhana for Teachers (365 Hrs)

Yoga, done right, can make you, and Yoga, done wrong, can break you.

Are you teaching wrong Yoga?

Hari Om,

The purpose of this program is to bring a level of CULTURE and AUTHENTICITY to Yogic practice that is severely lacking in Western society; designed and brought to life by Rishi Yoga and Wellness Co-Founders, Emily Dawson-Chawla and Ashlay Chawla, respectively.  If you would like to develop a sacred Guru - Shisha relationship, now is your chance. The Guru - Shisha relationship is curated over consistent Satsang and Sadhana. Faith in Guru is AS IMPORTANT to one's Spiritual journey as the practices themselves. We will bring light to the most VITAL aspect of genuine Yogic Sadhana, DEVOTION. This program is your chance to AWAKEN to the ESSENCE of Yoga, allowing divinity to come to you while being held accountable, supported, guided, mentored, inspired, and educated to a level beyond your current understanding.  As teachers, our duty is to pour every ounce of our knowledge and experience into our students while continuing our own education. Rishi Yoga and Wellness is ready to welcome new Shishas to their community, be part of the FIRST Teacher Satsang program and commence with a lifelong bond to a dedicated Guru and a honed ability to teach safely and effectively.

Why Satsang?

Satsang translates to mean “Truth Gathering”. In Yogic Culture, Satsangs have been an essential part of preserving tradition and enlightening both Guru and Shisha. It is a chance to sit with one another, a sacred practice known as Upnishad (‘Upa’ - Sit, ‘Nishada’ - Near) with your Guru. Guru is a descriptive term given to a teacher by their student. It is not a term one gives to themself. Guru translates to mean one who brings light to darkness. In a Satsang setting, Guru’s words themselves carry blessings that connect you with the Universe and give you the opportunity to experience and understand, not just the known, but the UNKNOWN. This is seen as the most fortunate relationship as it brings all closer to the power and right alignment within themselves and to the Supreme Universe. This is your time to be with your Atma (soul) and breathe in the vibration of Guru. Satsang brings presence, stillness, sweetness, joy, transformation, healing, and devotion.

Why Sadhana?

Sadhana refers to the actual practice we do. This program will teach you how to perform, and TEACH, Hatha Yoga in the safest and most effective way. Sadhana refers to one's CONSISTENT practices. A Sadhak (practitioner) is IN Sadhana when their practices have become a seamless part of their daily lives and they adapt according to changes in their personal health circumstances, life stages, seasons, weather, lunar cycles, and panchang calendar. One meaning of Hatha is STUBBORN. A Hatha Yogi is a stubborn Yogi. Stubborn for what? Their Sadhana. Yoga means addition, every day, we are adding to ourselves: our knowledge, our experience, our quality; so that when it's time to leave our physical forms, we are an asset, not a liability, to the Supreme Soul we return home to.

Meet Your Yogacharya:

Ashlay Chawla - Karmananda

Ashlay carries immense blessings from his Janmabhoomi (birthplace), The Heart and World Capital of Yoga, Rishikesh India. Steeped in Yogic Culture since birth, still bonded with his Guru and Teachers, experienced in teaching people of all nationalities, backgrounds, ability, and intentions for 7 years, mastery of Sanskrit, Hindi, and English languages, and supported by his first disciple and wife, Emily Dawson-Chawla, Ashlay has an unparalleled and unmatched ability to connect and communicate with Sadhaks. His students have described him as a humble, generous teacher with immense integrity, knowledge, and experience. Ashlay's knowledge spans all topics of Yogic Science including philosophy, history, practical (asana, pranayama, shatkaram, mudra, bandha, mantra, meditation, more), and chikitsa (medication), yet in his own words.. "I don't know anything."

Meet Your Program Designer:

Emily Dawson-Chawla

Emily has been Ashlay’s Shisha for 3 years. She has absorbed, applied, experienced and now organized and presented Ashlay’s teachings into this program. Before beginning her Sadhana, Emily was a student, academic, scholar, and teacher in various disciplines spanning her entire life. Born and raised locally, Emily has an ability to empathize and communicate with the community. She has designed this program to be concise and digestible to those raised far from the Eastern culture that Yogic Science emerged from. Emily spent two years in India, immersing herself in the culture and adding to her perspective, experience, and ultimate ability to translate, and apply Ashlay’s teachings.


We will meet twice a week either in the Rishi Yoga & Wellness Healing Center, or online virtually through our broadcasting platform, for 6 months (26 Weeks) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00 - 7:00 AM for a total of 48 sessions comprised of 144 hours. Sessions begin January 2nd and commence June 21st. There will be no sessions Feb. 27th and Mar. 1st. Sessions will include Satsang, Sadhana, Review, Q & A, Quizzes, Assignments, Special Lectures from Ashlay’s Teachers, and Special Events including a Holi Celebration, Trip to a Temple, Birth Chart Analysis, Havan (fire) Ceremony, and Holy Dip.

Requirements for registration:

  • Pre-Approval from Rishi Yoga and Wellness, LLC following a consultation
  • Upfront commitment (Payment-Plan Available)
  • Ability to attend 100% of scheduled sessions*
  • Intention to be, or continue being, a Yoga teacher
  • Required Literature: Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & Hatha Yoga Pradipika
  • Willingness to commit an additional minimum of 5 hrs/week of self-study as well as 30 mins/day of daily Sadhana. To be logged and reported weekly
  • Notebook, pen, and any other study materials desired
  • Neti Pot, Rudraksh Mala, Yoga Mat
  • Laptop, Webcam, & Microphone (Virtual Attendees)

Your Investment:

$3,600 (service fee not included, when paying online)

What's Included?

  • 144 Hours of Satsang & Sadhana
  • Guidance for curating a personalized daily Sadhana
  • Syllabus, Study Log, Weekly Assignments, Quizzes, Sadhana Schedule, & Vocabulary list
  • Daily support via phone, email, or private messaging
  • Rishi Sadhak membership with access to additional exclusive content
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Guest Lectures/Meet & Greets with Ashlay’s Teachers
  • Holi Celebration, Temple Trip, Havan Ceremony, Holy Dip, and Birth Chart Analysis
  • Lifelong bond with a dedicated Guru

Payment- Plan:

3 Installments of $1,200 (service fee not included, when paying online):

1st Payment Due: Jan 1st.

2nd Payment Due: Mar 1st.

3rd Payment Due: May 1st.

Terms and Conditions:

This is NOT a ‘Yoga Alliance (YA)’ certification course. Rishi Yoga and Wellness is NOT a YA Registered Yoga School and will not be providing a "Yoga Alliance" certification following this course. You will receive a Certificate of Completion from Rishi Yoga and Wellness, LLC for your time and dedication to the program.

Rishi Yoga and Wellness, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any participants not dedicated to the program. In this case a partial refund (50%) of the remaining value of the program will be made. Participants that decide to discontinue the program will not be refunded. Missed sessions will not be compensated.

*If given sufficient notice (1-Week Minimum), or in the instance of an emergency, Rishi Yoga and Wellness will provide a substitute for missed sessions, up to 3 times, schedule permitting.

Participants are not allowed to record or photograph any aspects of the program without consent. Rishi Yoga and Wellness will provide materials (notes, recordings, photos, etc.) to aid in knowledge retention. These materials are NOT to be replicated by program participants for any purpose.

Participants agree to be photographed and recorded and authorize Rishi Yoga and Wellness, LLC to use these materials to their discretion.

Participants agree to sign a Liability Waiver and Release.

Rishi Yoga and Wellness, LLC reserves the right to alter the syllabus and schedule at their discretion.

This program is our way of saving you an 8,000+ mile journey to India. With the support of Rishi Yoga & Wellness, you can turn inward and find everything you need all while living this modern life. We will push you to be uncomfortable, to break habits, to form new habits, to expand your mind & experience, and to change your life and we will show you how to embrace those changes with GRACE & FAITH. There is NOT another program that exists that is this intensive, inclusive, designed FOR YOU and Authentic to Yogic Science. 

Now is your chance... are you ready?


  • 6- Month Program for Teachers

    From $1,200.00 to $3,600.00
    Sale ended
    • $3,600.00
      +$90.00 service fee
    • $1,200.00
      +$30.00 service fee



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