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About Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Our Mission

  • To provide a Safe, Accessible, Kind, & Enjoyable Space for Self-Realization, Healing, & Love.

  • To honor the Ancient, Traditional roots, Scriptures, & Texts of Yoga & Yogic Science.

  • To Connect a Family & Community of Yoga Practitioners.

  • To Enrich our Community, Increase the Vibration, & Radiate Transformative, Inspiring Energy to the World through continued acts of Service.

  • To let our Indian Yogic Culture Shine Brightly.

  • To keep Faith & Devotion at the Center of our Practice.

  • To Communicate the importance of Holistic Wellness to our Community.

  • To be an Example of Environmental Consciousness & Sustainability.

  • To Encourage Healthy Debate, Listen Deeply to the Concerns of our Students & Community, Honor our Humanity, & to Constantly Evaluate & Evolve ourselves & our Business.

  • To be Present to our own needs, for our Family, our Community, our Business, and the Supreme.


Our Philosophy

With the correct breathing, regulation of mind, & alignment of body, anyone can realize the eternal Truth within themselves, just as the Rishi's, or Sages, of ancient India. We trust in & teach traditional breathing, meditation, healing, and asana techniques to help you achieve that goal & raise humanities collective consciousness. We create sessions tailored to your needs & abilities. Rishi Yoga and Wellness, LLC is inclusive of all people. Wellness is not a privilege. We know that anyone can benefit from Yoga & everyone is capable. Join us today and begin creating the life that you want.


Our Vision

Alongside our above mission, we envision meaningful, lifelong connections with each of our many, many Sadhaks (Yoga Practitioners). We do not know what the future holds, however we have clear intention of where we would like to go. Our immediate intentions include expanding reach in our community, opening our first School, securing a forever home, and growing & supporting our family. All we know to be true is that if we serve selflessly while remaining open to the highest callings of Universal Grace & Blessing, we will reach heights beyond our greatest dreams.

Om Namaha Shivaya
- Emily & Ashlay Chawla, Founders

Our Story

Love, Karma, & The Universe


In our mid-twenties, after living two very physically & culturally separate, but experientially incredibly similar, lives, the Universe brought us together on the tiniest of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I, Emily, arrived to the truly tiny island in the Maldives, all the way from the equally tiny town of King William, Virginia, to work as a scuba diving instructor. Already fascinated with Yoga, but so far from knowing what Yoga really was, I attended my first Yoga class for Island Staff. The Instructor? Ashlay of course. Both of our real learnings started in that moment. Under the light of a rising, deep red Full Moon a short time later, we realized our marriage and future together was not a choice we needed to make, but a universal will that we must fulfill. As far as we can tell, the purpose, the karmic duty, of our union, is to live in service of Yoga. The divine practice brought us together, is responsible for our continued mystical love story, and has given us the tools to transmit Healing & Spiritually transformative energy to the world. Energy that these times are in need of now more than ever. Om Namaha Shivaya.

About Us


Ashlay Chawla - Karmnanda

Yogacharya (Guru) & Reiki Grand Master
Yoga Philosophy Teacher

Born and raised in Rishikesh, India, known as "The Yoga Capital of the World", Ashlay has 6 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation along with 4 years as a Reiki Healer. From Ashrams to 5-Star luxury resorts, he has taught people from diverse backgrounds all over the world. Ashlay's authentic knowledge and genuine character inspired the creation of Rishi Yoga & Wellness.

  • Diploma in Yogic Science from Jai Ram Sanskrit University

  • Certificate in Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, Meditation, & Thai Massage Therapy from Light in Himalayas Yoga Center

  • Reiki Level 1, Level 2, Master, & Grand Master Degree from Braham Yoga Healing Center

  • Certificate in Ayurvedic Massage Therapy & Reflexology from Braham Yoga Healing Center

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) from Alakh Yog India

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 300) from Vyasa Yog Peeth, India

  • E-RTY 500 Designation with Yoga Alliance


Fun Facts: Ashlay is a Gemini & Mediator (INFP-A) Personality. He loves Dance, Chai, & Games.

Emily Chawla

Yoga Instructor & Reiki Grand Master

Emily has spent her life teaching others. From martial arts to scuba diving, being an instructor has been her life's passion. She discovered the power and beauty of yoga at 16 years old and now has chosen to combine her refined teaching abilities with her love of yoga to bring spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional transformation to those around her.

  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) from Rishikesh Yog Kendra

  • Reiki Level 1, Level 2, & Master Degree from Rishi Yoga & Wellness

  • Reiki Grand Master Degree from Braham Yoga Healing Center

Fun Facts: Emily is a Gemini & Advocate (INFJ-A) Personality. She loves Travel, Fruit, & Interior Design.


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Emily Chawla, co-founder

“Peace is not the end goal. It is the beggining foundation from which wellness flourishes.

We can guide you there. ”

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