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Rishi Yoga and Wellness, LLC serves corporations, private clients, non-profits, and other organizations locally and internationally. Wellness services can be hired individually or contracted under custom parameters and can occur both in-person and virtually.


Current long-term contracts include clients within the hospitality, entertainment, technology, mental health & addiction treatment, and fitness industries.


Examples of previous custom individual services include private immersive retreats & workshops, service as guest lecturers and instructors, sessions for premier events, opening ceremonies, wedding parties, reunions and other friend/family gatherings, and more.


Rishi Yoga & Wellness provides unparalleled customized and professional wellness services to help you achieve your goals & fulfill your intentions. Fully licensed, insured, & accredited. 

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All services offered for single sessions or combined into custom contracts or programs. Single sessions range from brief 15 minute breaks in your work day to 2+ hour workshops. *available virtually Yoga Asana (postures/movement for all levels & ages): Traditional Hatha* including deep body opening (i.e. back bending, hip-opening, etc.), Ashtanga*, Vinyasa*, Iyengar, Yin, Power, Pre & Post Natal, for Kids, Chair*, Aerial, for Couples* Yoga Therapy & Thai Yoga: hands-on therapeutic stretching and alignment for physical conditions plus curated yogic practices for mental and physiological conditions Ayurvedic Massage Therapy Ayurvedic Workshops: Massage techniques, acupressure & reflexology, medicinal herbal treatments & remedies Cleansing Practices: Sinuses, eyes, digestive system, 5 elements, & mind Meditation* (entry-level & advanced): Mantra chanting, Mudras, Mindfulness, Anxiety & Trauma informed, one-pointed and concentration techniques, Mala Japa, gratitude & sense awareness, Yoga Nidra (sleep), Shoonya (zero), and more Pranayama* (breathing exercises): Over 25 techniques including those for retention & locks, blood pressure and body temperature regulation Sanskrit & Mantra Workshops* Yogic Science, Ayurveda, Reiki Healing, Hindu & Sanatan Dharma Philosophy & History* ​ 1 Day, 2-3 Day, 5-7 Day, and 7+ Day Wellness Retreats Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education Workshops for Yoga Teachers with Certification* Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Programs and Certifications* Energy Healing Treatments*: Reiki Master & Physic Healing, Pranic Healing, Chakra Cleansing & Balancing Reiki Level 1, 2, 3, Master, & Grand Master Certification* Vedic Cleansing & Prayer Ceremonies for individuals, spaces, and events Fitness & strength training

Ashlay Chawla and Emily Dawson the owners of Rishi Yoga & Wellness Yoga School. E-RYT 500 from Rishikesh India offers private yoga instruction, corporate wellness programs, yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, ayurvedic massage, yoga therapy, reiki healing, and more.

What we provide

Functionality You Will Love


Custom & Personalized Program Parameters

Allow us to optimize your experience and only pay for what you need. Options include: Up to 100% Program Management from secure sign-ups, waivers, venue reservations, equipment rentals & travel logistics, streaming & hosting services and service selections Certificate add-ons including for participation & program completion as well as internationally recognized accredited certifications to advance your credentials through Yoga Alliance Service customization following consultations and our health questionnaire to ensure therapeutic and safe sessions Varying levels of media involvement. From complete discretion and private photography or press releases and social media takeovers, we are ready.


Top Quality AV Equipment & Multiple streaming options

For on location and virtual sessions we have audio and video equipment that will allow everyone to have a clear and safe experience. For virtual sessions we can either integrate into your current streaming and conferencing platforms or host your sessions through ours. We guarantee the highest quality audio and visual functioning.


Comprehensive Liability Insurance, Waivers, & Privacy Policies

General and professional liability insurance coverage will keep you, us, and your clients safe and secure. All participants will sign our Liability and Release Waiver. Coverage details and additional coverages can be easily shared and arranged on request. All communication and data entries are protected under our professional privacy policies.


Flexible & Generous Booking Policies

We provide 24/7 availability and a seamless booking platform so you can book our services at your convenience. We are willing to travel and we also allow for your sessions to be rescheduled when things change.  From 15-Minute corporate sessions at your desk to week long retreats and everything in between, time is no issue.


Two Instructors: Multinational, Multilingual & Interracial

Our two-instructor blended model really sets us apart. Whether your sessions are in-person or virtual, the benefits of two-instructors are undeniable. Enhancements in personalization & clarity are just the start.


Existing partnerships to add value to your experience 

Through our years of experience as entrepreneurs and service workers in the hospitality industry we have relationships with local & international organizations that can provide a variety of assets: vacation rentals, luxury resorts, adventure & leisure activities, business resources, and top training facilities to name a few.

Yoga Retreat by Rishi Yoga & Wellness Yoga School.

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