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Meditation offers tools for Healing & Spiritual Transformation for people of all ages and backgrounds. Recognizing the complexities of Mental Health, our instructors approach the process of learning meditation systematically & with sensitivity. We teach highly effective traditional techniques, such as the use of Sanskrit Mantras, Mudras, & Bandhas, to help you learn to quiet your mind, navigate your emotions, and move beyond the body to higher dimensions of divine possibility. You will learn to generate, enhance, & direct powerful vibrational energy within and around yourself. Energy of Wellness & Abundance.

All you need is a quiet space to let our instructors guide you, your family, or your group in meditation.

Shambhavi Sadhana - During this meditation you will use Shambhavi mudra, a technique and gesture of the eyes, to symbolize Adiyogi and improve your Dharana, or concentration of mind towards happiness.

Chakra Sadhana - During this meditation, many techniques are used to help bring balance to your seven main chakras, or circular energy vortexes, in the spinal column. These chakras are connected to various organs and glands throughout your body and by balancing them, you improve the flow of vital life energy, or Prana, within your body.

Vipassana Sadhana - Like any meditation technique, the purpose of Vipassana is to create awareness. Awareness of the deep mind, or deep consciousness, through practice of choiceless observation. You will learn to maintain a state of equanimity throughout this practice. 

Kriya Sadhana - Kriya means "action, deed, or effort" therefore in this meditation you will focus on a specific purpose to cultivate improvements in an area that you need most. 

Mudra Sadhana - This meditation focuses on the use of Mudra, the various gestures made by the hands and body, to allow Kundalini energy to pass up through the body's central channel and enhance your journey within.

Mantra Sadhana - Mantra chanting is used in this practice to cleanse the energies, aura, and atmosphere around you and generate positivity.

Omkar Sadhana - This is the practice of chanting "OM". It can be done using mala, or prayer beads, of Rudraksh. Omkar chanting helps the practitioner fulfill their positive desires.

Tratak Sadhana - In this Shatkarma, or cleansing practice, the eye sight can be improved by focusing on a small flame or fixed point. It also helps raise your energy and improve the collective cosmos of human energies around you.

Chakra Shodhana - This meditation cleanses the bodies energy channels, improving your overall health and well-being. There are many benefits to Chakra Shodhana including increased openness, memory, concentration, and awareness along with an improved ability to heal the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual problems you face. 

Yoga Nidra - Also known as "yogic sleep", this is a powerful technique for controlling your body's relaxation response. The focus is cultivating conscious relaxation to ease ongoing stress and anxiety and feel your body melt away into a soothed state of being.


Yoga Asana

स्थिरसुखमासनम् ॥४६॥

Sthira sukham asanam (Stable Happy Pose)

The physical practice of yoga is meant to be a joyful, healing, & energizing experience. We design asana series, in the styles of Hatha, Ashtanga, & Iyengar Yoga, that increase your Dharana (focus), flexibility, & strength. Our asana sessions help you connect to your body, mind, emotion, & Soul, and teach you the power of your breath in moving beyond pain and discomfort. We use traditional methods that are intrinsically designed for, and easily adaptable to, most ailments or physically abilities. Experienced and trained for a variety circumstances, we do our best to ensure your practice is safe & effective and arrange accommodations such as having props and assistants available when necessary.

Hatha Yoga - Hatha yoga is the most traditional yoga practice and refers to a set of physical exercises, breathing techniques, and a touch of meditation. The word Hatha means willful or stubborn. It is also a combination of the roots Ha, meaning Sun, and Tha, meaning Moon. The physical practice of Hatha Yoga Asana aligns the body, mind, and soul ultimately bringing harmony to our two opposite energy forces (Sun & Moon). You can expect a series of gentle and easily adaptable asana that slowly warm the body and focus the mind to aid in healing, increase flexibility, and build strength gradually over time. Suitable for everyone, beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioners. 

Ashtanga Yoga - Outlined by the sage Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, Ashtanga yoga literally means "eight-limbed yoga". According to Patanjali, the path of internal purification for revealing the Universal Self consists of 8 spiritual practices. The physical practice of Ashtanga Yoga Asana is powerful and effective in building strength and increasing flexibility. The use of Ujjayi breathing keeps the body warm and mind focused. Recommended only for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Iyengar Yoga - Described by respected Yoga Acharaya B.K.S Iyengar, who first brought Yoga to the western world, Iyengar Yoga Asana takes a slow and steady approach. The practice focuses primarily on teaching and perfecting proper alignment in each asana, often with the help of props (chairs, straps, blocks, cushions, etc.), hands-on adjustments, and proper breathing. Iyengar Yoga Asana practice is a great way to introduce brand new practitioners and also improve the asanas of experienced Sadhaks. Suitable for everyone, beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. 

Thai Yoga - Thai Yoga is a full body assisted stretch performed with the help of a certified professional. The session will help open your hips, hamstrings, back and shoulders with a series of gentle, deep stretches. Movement is combined with the use of guided breathing, essential oils, and accupressure to leave you feeling relaxed and restored.


FAQ: Yes, we teach Pregnancy Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Kids, Couples Yoga, Yoga for Back Pain, and much more!

*Asana practices are offered in both traditional and modern flow. Modern is characterized by stringing postures together so that you move seamlessly from one to another using the breath whereas in traditional, poses are held for longer and, with the help of the breath, gone into more deeply.


Reiki Healing

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically on the body, mind, and spirit. We use non-invasive techniques to connect with you and teach you to allow yourself to heal. As channels for universal healing energy, our Reiki Masters enhance the healing process and help rid your body and mind of pain and disease. Reiki treatment is a relaxing experience designed on an individual basis following consultation. Healing treatments can be targeted to specific injuries and conditions, however anyone can benefit from receiving Reiki. An awareness of energies or an openness to receive energetic vibrations is required.

Reiki Healing - Following your consultation, a Reiki healing treatment will be designed for you on an individual basis.

Self-healing touch - Feel the healing power of your own hands as you connect with your Reiki Master to assist the delivery of healing energy. Treatment designed on an individual basis following consultation.

Reiki meditation - Symbols and mantras are used to facilitate the spread of healing and loving energy in this meditation available for individuals, families, or groups.



Pranayama essentially means "breath control". The breath, or Prana, is referred to as Vital Life Energy, it sustains us and according to yogic science, is what determines the quality of ourselves and our lives. Proper breathing cleanses the body of energetic obstructions, generating poise, will-power, & courage within the practitioner. You will learn to make your respiratory organs move and expand intentionally and rhythmically using Puraka (inhalation), Rechaka (exhalation), and Kumbhaka (retention). With over 50 techniques, including the use of Bandhas, Pranayama is truly an art form. Emotional stability, hormone regulation, and improved digestion are just a few more of the truly limitless benefits that Pranayama can offer.

Often practiced in combination with meditation and yoga asana.


Bhakti Yoga & Sound Healing

Bhakti Yoga is a devotional practice. In these sessions you will learn sacred prayers and mantras and join us in creating vibration that uplifts and connects you to something divine, whatever that may be for you. Similarly in our Sound Healing treatments, you will bathe yourself in the vibration of our mantras, and sound healing instruments, while also learning how to open and balance your chakras with your own chanting.

Often incorporated into Yoga Therapy and Meditation sessions. Special Bhakti Yoga events and classes available monthly.


Yoga Philosophy

Theoretical lessons on everything Yogic Science delivered by our instructors.

A unique opportunity to sit down with our Instructors and discover more about the history of Yoga, discuss ancient texts and scriptures, learn proper chanting and meaning of Sanskrit Mantras, the philosophy behind various Yoga Asana, and explore a variety of topics such as Chakras, Nadis, Prana, & the movement of Energy, the 8 Limbs of Yoga, Karma, Death, Anhankara (Ego), Devotion, Dharma, and much more. Philosophy sessions are a great way to supplement and enhance your regular practice, advance your education as an aspiring, or already qualified, Yoga Instructor, and bring a deeper understanding of Yoga into your life for you, your family, and your community.

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