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Ashlay Chawla and Emily Dawson the owners of Rishi Yoga & Wellness Yoga School. E-RYT 500 from Rishikesh India offers private yoga instruction, corporate wellness programs, yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, ayurvedic massage, yoga therapy, reiki healing, and more.


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I have not found a more comprehensive and authentic experience of yoga since I left India in 2012 than I have found with Ashlay and Emily of Rishi Yoga. While in India, I completed my 500 hour teacher training in Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga and Ashlay’s home. Ashlay carries a deep lineage in the yoga traditions and I am deeply grateful to have the gift of Rishi Yoga and Ashlay and Emily here in the Northern Neck. Their instruction, adjustments and deep living of the yoga principles is an honor to experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from such an incredible team.

Ally, Weems, VA USA

"Rishi Yoga & Wellness is truly a gift to the Northern Neck. Offering a wide variety of classes, it is a safe and supportive environment in which to explore, learn, heal, and grow. Emily and Ashlay are both gifted teachers with a level of knowledge, experience, and compassion that is unsurpassed. I hope to be a student of theirs for many years to come."

Jenny Landry, Burgess, VA, USA

"Ashlay is a generous and knowledgeable teacher and healer. I initially contacted Emily when I was experiencing a health crisis. They reached out to me immediately and supported me with very potent healing practices. I already feel so much stronger! I’m very grateful to them and feel fortunate to have met teachers with this high level of integrity!"

Donni, Lancaster, VA, USA

"Yoga class is mandatory to my well-being. I deeply appreciate the way in which Ashlay and Emily design their classes. For me each class is a form of relaxing symphony. When I leave their classes, I feel spiritually polished. They begin class by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from which a student can set intention. From here they weave yogic wisdom and encourage mindfulness as they awaken the body through the practice of yoga postures. Emily and Ashlay trust the ancient wisdom of yoga and can lead others with grace into a powerful weave of integration allowing mind, body, and spirit to come into true alignment."

Musto, Egypt

"What can I say?! Amazing classes with a wide variety of technique and skill. I was a novice when I started going to Ashlay's classes, and with consistency and dedication, I've reached a new level of flexibility and peace within my practice that I never thought I would reach in such a short time. Ashlay has extensive knowledge of yoga and the healing arts, and it shows in his work."

Dayna, Canada

"Having never been to a yoga class ever in my life, Ashlay took me in as one of his complete beginner students. What a difference his classes have made! Not only to my flexibility and strength, but to my knowledge and understanding of yoga. I can not only touch my toes now, but can master some advanced yoga moves I have never dreamed of attempting. Ashlay was amazingly patient throughout all of the classes and knows how far he can push a person individually. I've learned so much from this yogi and continue to practice the things I have been taught."

Jessica, England

"I started my yoga lesson with Ashlay only to get a better body shape and I ended up totally falling in love with yoga and it is a part of my life now. He teaches us with passion and love, very patient with beginners. He teaches the whole system from breath practice to meditation and then poses, it's not about learning some difficult and cool poses to show off. I also worked with Emily, such a lovely person. She showed me the power of yoga and how strong we can be. Together they taught me that yoga is not about the shape of our bodies, but the shape of our soul. They are real yogis."

Maxine, China

"After hearing from others about Ashlay's teaching and that they were all super happy, I also joined his classes. I learned a lot from him and his knowledge of yoga. This has been a lifelong learning, thanks a lot to Ashlay."

Nadeep, Sri Lanka

"I am now a practitioner of yoga and have fallen in love with getting stronger thanks to Ashlay. He lead us, pushed our limits, and mostly taught us to enjoy the moments. The classes are fun and get everyone involved, it is a good way to learn more about ourselves and what we are good (or not so good) at. Also thanks to Emily who at each class showed me how flexible and strong I could be. I know it takes time to improve. Ashlay and Emily are inspiring."

Tiffany, Taiwan

"If someone would have told me that in a couple years time, I would love yoga, I would have laughed. As someone who enjoys physical challenges but is as flexible as an iron rod, yoga never appealed to me. But here I am, one year later and loving it. Through their patience, sincerity and dedication to what they practice, Ashlay and Emily taught me how to find my own meaning and values of what yoga represents to me. It took some time, but eventually I came to learn the strength in the flow of the movements and to respect my body by being mindful of my thoughts, actions and intentions. And through their teachings, I have become better for it. They taught me how to reconnect with my body and my mind, and taught me to listen to my body’s needs by being kind. They taught me the importance of breathing in stress management, which sounds like a basic principle, but I learned the importance of being present through breathing, and in turn reducing stress and improving my overall mental wellbeing. Without their patience and guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today with my relationship with my body. Most important, they taught me to love yoga by listening to what I need and respecting my body for what it has done by having the patience to let it heal, and for this, I am so grateful for their time and dedication to teaching. If they can win me over, they can win anyone over to yoga."

Maria, USA

"I had only tried yoga a few times before joining Ashlay’s yoga class, and his passion and expert teaching have turned me into someone who now regularly practices. Ashlay is able to teach a variety of styles of class and creates wonderful fusion style classes to cater to a variety of students of all levels and with different goals in the yoga practice. Emily is an incredibly patient and helpful teacher and she was able to help me to refine my postures. I’d highly recommend classes with these wonderful teachers for all students of all levels."

Emma, USA

"We all face stress on the daily and the levels differ from person to person. Since I found about Reiki and meditation through Ashlay bro, there were times I was so stressed out, almost at the verge of breaking down but his peaceful and magical way to guide and heal me through meditation and reiki actually helped me by making me feel positive again. I can never thank him enough for his priceless help."

Nupur, India

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