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Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness
Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Retreat to India: October 2025

With a Local, Like a Local.

Rishikesh: the Birthplace of Yoga

Plus surrounding areas & optional 2 day add-on to Ayodhya 

Where Spirituality & Adventure Merge

13 Days & 12 Nights All Inclusive

2 different 4 Star Accommodations & All Meals

3 Excursions

Service & Adventure Activities

Local Exploration

Authentic Diwali Festival in Ashlay's Home

Traditional Hatha Yoga & Ayurvedic Program

Why India?

First Destination: Modi Holistic Yoga & Ayurvedic Retreat Center, "An Oasis of Wellness"

Arrive fresh off your international travel to this oasis overlooking the Ganga river. This property hosts on site Ayurvedic doctors, a world class spa, modern clean & bright rooms, and "healthy, tasty, guilt-free" dining. 

We have chosen this location for the first 6 Days & 5 Nights to allow you to recoup from travel & experience Ayurvedic wellness at its finest, all while being on the Ganga river and in the heart of Rishikesh.

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Second Destination: Raga on the Ganges, Where Ganga Rushes & Adventure begins

Time to head further up the Ganga & into the Himalayas. Raga has beautiful accommodation inspired by local traditions, gorgeous expansive views, & casual, abundant dining.   

From this location we will have 7 Days & Nights to set out on adventures & embark on excursions to some of the most divine locations in the world. 

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Tentative Itinerary

In addition to your Yoga, Meditation, & Prayer program, 3 Meals/Day, & Plenty of Rest & Leisure time, we have planned and arranged the following: (all activities are optional & included unless stated otherwise)

Day 1: Oct. 10th

Day 2: Oct. 11th

Day 3: Oct. 12th

Day 4: Oct. 13th

Day 5: Oct. 14th

Day 6: Oct. 15th

Day 7: Oct. 16th

Day 8: Oct. 17th

Day 9: Oct. 18th

Day 10: Oct. 19th

Day 11: Oct. 20th

Day 12: Oct. 21st

Day 13: Oct. 22nd

Arrive in Delhi airport & Travel to Rishikesh (4hrs), Check-in at Modi

Complete Rest & Ayurvedic Medical Consult 

Rishikesh local town/market exploration + Service Activity

Neelkanth Mahadev Temple excursion with Lunch & Sunset

Laxman Julha & Ram Julha Market Exploring & Lunch

Transfer from Modi to Raga Resort (1 hr via car)

Adventure Activities: zip lining, rafting, bungee jumping (additional cost)

Raghunathji Temple Excursion with Lunch

Travel to Chopta (4 hrs via car)

Chopta Trek to Tungnath Temple & Return to Raga

Complete Rest Day

Diwali! Home cooked food & Authentic Prayer Ceremony in Ashlay's Home

Travel to Delhi Airport


Additional Included Highlights

Elevating your experience...

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Welcome Package

Organic Handmade Cloth Yoga Mat, Tailored Traditional Indian Dress, Journal + Pen, & Copper Neti Pot

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Ancient Wisdom

Ayurvedic & Fitness Consultations, Body Composition Analysis & 1 Fitness Session with Modi

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

4 Zoom Sessions

2 Pre & 2 Post-Retreat Group Zoom Sessions for prep & reentry. Logistics & Wellness Tools

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Your Rishikesh Local

Your main guide and instructor will be our own, Ashlay Chawla. Ashlay was born & raised in Rishikesh. He knows the ins and outs, speaks the languages, and understands the culture. It's a BIG deal:

  • Safety: family trusted drivers, priests, & doctors, when and where to go and not go, what to eat and not eat, and scam/fraud avoidance

  • Hospitality at it's highest: Those who joined us in Bali saw what being able to speak the language and respect the culture of a place can do in terms of hospitality. Unparalleled treatment & unexpected extra special additions

  • Saving! Booking hotels, trips, and activities as a local has cut hundreds of dollars off the cost of this Retreat!

Your Yoga Program

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness
Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

We will gather most mornings to start our days with fundamental Hatha Yoga practices that are simple, effective, & therapeutic. We will focus on practices that will keep your body & mind vibrant, receptive, & aligned so that you can be present to the experience of India.


Throughout the Retreat we will weave yogic practice into every single day and activity. Embracing the reality of Yoga: Everything is Yoga. Remember we will be in the Yoga Capital of the World! Expect to practice on the sandy banks of the Ganga River & forested foothills of the Himalaya Mountains, Meditate inside century old sacred Temples, fully embrace Pratayahara (kindness) through service, & feel the thrill of complete surrender and involvement with life as you raft, jump, & swing your way through adventures! 

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Mata Ganga

"Mother Ganga", the carrier of blessings & all things sacred in Rishikesh. A central focus of our Retreat from accommodation to daily prayer & fire ceremonies, holy dips, & rafting trips. Learn About & Experience the power of River Ganga first hand. 

Chopta Excursion

Let's take a closer look at our main excursion on your 9th & 10th days...

Chopta: Base camp to the Highest Shiva Temple in the World! Located in the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary, 4 hrs from Raga Resort.

12,000+ ft Elevation with vibrant green meadows, cool temperatures, & panoramic views

Overnight Camp/Cottage Stay, Meals & Transport

Professional Tour Guide


Tungnath: the Highest Shiva Temple in the World over 1000 years old

Moderately easy, popular trek for all levels 

2 Miles each way with gradual ascent/descent

Lord Shiva: The Adiyogi "First Yogi"


Lord Shiva gave the knowledge of Yoga to his 7 disciples, the Saptarishis, or 7 Rishis. The Rishis are the saints & sages that spread Yoga to the World and in which Rishi Yoga & Wellness is named to honor.

About the Trek: We will start and stay overnight at our base camp in Chopta. The elevation here is about 8,500 ft, just above the threshold of when altitude sickness can start to take affect. By the morning, once nicely acclimated, we will start our trek after breakfast. The hike will take about 3 hours each way and winds up the mountains with green meadows and panoramic views. We will be climbing to about 12,000 ft, so again altitude sickness is a possibility. You will always have the option to stay at camp and enjoy the day, or stop to rest or return during the trek. Temperatures will be cool, 70-80 degrees at camp and get cooler as we ascend. Anyone who does not wish to join can stay and enjoy the day at the resort or we can help arrange a driver for you to spend your day as you like. We intend to return to the resort the same evening once we have finished our trek, but will see how the day goes and may stay an additional night. 

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Where you'll be:
Hover over images for details

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness
Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

2 Day add-on to Ayodhya

The birthplace of Lord Rama

October 23 & 24

Join us to Ayodhya, just 2 days after we celebrate Diwali, the Festival dedicated to Lord Rama's triumphant return to his birthplace... Ayodhya!

This temple was just completed in January of 2024 in a historic reclaiming of the sacred land it sits on near by the Sarayu River.

Inclusive: $500.00

Domestic round-trip flight, meals, hotel, tour with guide, all taxes & entry fees

A full day tour to the new Ram Mandir (temple), 2-3 additional temples (time dependent) in signifigant locations to Lord Rama & Lakshmana, Lordess Sita, and Lord Hanuman, other sacred locations such as Lord Rama's place of Samadhi, and concluded with vibrant prayer ceremony and dinner on the banks of the Sarayu River in the evening.

Your Investment


  • All transport during retreat: to/from airport, excursions, & explorations in private car with private driver, AC, and water

  • 5 Nights at the Modi Yoga Retreat Center with Ayurvedic & Fitness Consultations + 1 fitness session

  • 7 Nights at Raga Resort

  • 3 Meals/Day at our Accommodations

  • 4 Meals outside our Accommodations

  • 3 Excursions: Neelkantha Mahadev Temple, Raghunathji Temple, Chopta (overnight) with Trek to Tungnath Temple

  • Local Market & Temple Tours + Service Activity

  • Traditional Hatha Yoga Program

  • Authentic Diwali Festival celebration in Ashlay's Home

  • Extras: Welcome Pack, Special Surprise Additions, Prayer & Cleansing Ceremonies 

  • 4 Zoom Sessions: 2 Pre, 2 Post

  • Complete trip management! Simply show-up & let everything unfold.


  • Airfare to/from Delhi airport



  • 2-Day Add on trip to Ayodhya: $500.00

  • 3 Month prep-course: $99

  • Adventure activities (rafting, bungee jumping, zip-lining) $25-45/activity

  • Travel Insurance

  • Gratuities

  • Temple Donations

  • Spa & Private Yoga Services

  • Laundry

  • Extra Shopping & Dining

Room Options

We have searched and there are no comparable retreats offering this level of diversity, culture, and wellness. Ashlay has negotiated local pricing, saving hundreds of dollars in foreign up-charges and fees. This is truly a novel opportunity to explore the Yoga Capital of the World!

16 Spots are Available.

Saving Options!

Payment Plan

Cancellation & Refund Policy:
All payments made after your deposit are 100% refundable until April 11th, 2025. After which, we will be unable to issue any refunds.

In the highly unlikely and unexpected case this retreat is cancelled by Rishi Yoga and Wellness, LLC, all payments will be refunded 100% (excluding 50% of your deposit).

Deposit: October 11, 2024

$1,111.00, 50% non-refundable, 50% refundable until January 11th, 2025. Please note: this deposit is used to secure your spot and make our first round of accommodation deposits.

1st Payment: January 11, 2025

33% of remaining total

2nd Payment: April 11, 2025

33% of remaining total

3rd Payment: July 11, 2025

33% of remaining total

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness
Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness

Prep-Course Add On

Get the most out of your time in India

Let's meet once per week and discuss the significance of the locations you will be visiting on this retreat. Ashlay will share the history of his country with you and expose you to common terminologies. 

Aug - Oct, 2025, 9 Zoom Sessions, 1 Hour, ~Once/Week 

$99, only $11/Session

Topics will include stories from the Shree Bhagavad Gita in which many occurrences that shaped India & Yogic teachings happened right where you will be standing.

We will look deeper at the significance of deities in which the temples you will visit are dedicated to, what they stand for, who they were, and how you can channel blessings from each. 

We will reach out to find days/times that work for those who choose to participate closer to Retreat dates. 

Yoga Retreat to India with Rishi Yoga & Wellness


Fill out the booking form below where you will be guided through a registration and agreement. You will have the options to select your room preferences, discounts, payment plans, and add-ons. Once we confirm your details we will send you an invoice reflective of your payment choices.

India Retreat Sign-Up

Your first step to a life changing journey to the Yoga Capital of the World...

Room Preference
Double Occupancy: City View with Queen Bed (Modi) & Mountain View with Queen bed (Raga): $4,040
Double Occupancy: Ganga View with King Bed (Modi & Raga): $4,412
Double Occupancy: Ganga View with Two Full Beds (Modi) & King Bed (Raga): $4,412
Single Occupancy: City View with Queen Bed (Modi) & Mountain View with Queen bed (Raga): $4,892
Single Occupancy: Ganga View with King Bed (Modi & Raga): $5,462
Please select any add-ons you would like:
Payment Preference
Full upfront payment by October 11, 2024
Deposit paid by October 11, 2024 + Remaining balance by January 11, 2025
Deposit paid by October 11, 2024 + Payment plan of 3, 33% installments by January, April, & July 11, 2025
Will you be claiming any of these discounts?
Bring a friend: -5%, discount applied after deposit is paid by both parties
Book early: -5%, requires full payment by October 11, 2024
Both: -10%, applies when both parties pay in full by October 11, 2024
Please read carefully and agree to the following: